Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Playgirls, Book 3 in the series

The Playgirls 3 is now available. This is the 3rd and final episode in The Playgirls series.

The Playgirls, book 3 in the series

The Playgirls are in the big leagues now with serious careers and serious relationships.

Katherine shocks herself with an unexpected desire for motherhood, but long-faithful Ken wants no part of it. Who will bend in order to be with the one they love?

Alyssa can’t see past the end of her laptop to notice the hot hunk working five feet away in her home office. How long before their relationship erupts?

Will Chelsea’s needs for random sexual encounters tear apart the only authentic relationship she’s ever known? Despite her best efforts, her body just won’t quit longing for one more fling!

All games come to an end. Will the girls be happy with what they’ve won?

Don't miss the final book in the sexy Playgirls series!

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