Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Playgirls series

New hot covers! This is the story of 3 beautiful co-eds who live by the mantra 'Catch and Release'. Spending their summers teasing handsome guys, just to let them go again is a way of life for the Playgirls, but life has a funny way of catching up with them.

Katherine, a beautiful actress, has her eyes on her hot, new director, but is their sizzle too hot to handle?

The self-proclaimed cougar, Chelsea, prowls the college campus hunting for her prey. When she meets her match, will there be a new Queen of the Cougars on campus?

Alyssa, quiet, yet still as intoxicating as the other two, has a growing 'Catch and Release' to-do list. With one eye on a trust fund man, her heart still burns for an old flame. Finding her perfect match may be too daunting a task for her.

Three bold women on the cusp of life. Three journeys through life that will change them. Three Playgirls who are about to learn just how complicated life can get.

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Book 1 in The Playgirls series   Book 2 in The Playgirls series   Book 3 in The Playgirls series

And if you'd like to save some money and get all 3 at once, here is the link for The Playgirls Boxed Set.
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