Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hot Kisses: 10 Sexy, Steamy, and Sensual Romances

UPDATE: The promo for HOT KISSES is now over and the book has been removed from Amazon.

10 Sexy, Steamy, and Sensual Romances

Hot Kisses is a sizzling hot collection of 10 sexy, steamy, and sensual romances with hunky alpha-heroes and sassy heroines.

This boxed set of stand-alones and series starters is hot as hell and will leave you craving for more passionate kisses and steamy nights.
Grab your copy before December 31st, because then it'll go poof like Cinderella's coach and will disappear forever. ONLY $.99 CLICK HER TO GET IT (FREE with Kindle Unlimited!)

Jessica Gray – Momentous Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach)
After only one unforgettable night with scorching hot plastic surgeon, Russell Barkin, Allison Paxton knows exactly where she belongs. But broken from a past filled with heartache, he resists her all the way. When he finally decides to let her into his heart, it might already be too late.

Lisa Ladew - The Billionaire's Kink 1
Knox Rosesson is a man with issues and secrets that run so deep he doesn't even know what they are anymore. When the lost love of his life reenters his life during a time of crisis, can he save her so that she can turn around and save him back?

P.A. Jones – Fatal Attraction 1
"When I went with the stranger for the one night stand, I knew it was a one night stand.
But when I left the hotel room in the morning, I knew everything had changed in that one night." – Zoe

Clarissa Carlyle – Jemma (Entertainment with Jem, Book 1)
Jemma Larson knows tough times. She's been raising her baby brother ever since her parents perished in a car crash. With a dwindling income she needs to do something desperate to prevent having her beloved little brother taken from her. Even if it means dating the hottest, most self-centered jerk there is on reality TV.

K.T. Knight – Gold Digger
Party girl Tara Casley is broke, desperate, and looking for an upgrade to her low-class love life. She’s willing to go all the way for a once in a lifetime opportunity to start over. She doesn’t follow rules, but her Russian billionaire keeper has other ideas. Sparks fly when their bodies connect - can they melt each other’s hearts?

Alice Ward – Taming the Billionaire 1
Drake was a devastatingly handsome billionaire architect—playboy extraordinaire according to the tabloid. The exact type of man I always tried to avoid. But when my brother got the opportunity to become his exclusive real estate agent, I was forced to play nice for the sake of family.
And from the moment he kissed me, I knew—good or bad–my life would never be the same.

Helen Grey – Flaming Desire Part 1
When the hot, sexy new male nurse walks into the trauma unit, everyone's mouth drops to the floor.
Not Jessica’s. Well, not exactly. Sure, he’s gorgeous and charming and capable. And her stomach does funny things when she looks at him. But, dammit, she's a professional! And his mentor. She’s committed to do her job and then she’ll move on with her life.

Ava Alexia – Pure Desire
First Love. Pure Desire. Sasha “Poppy” Harrington is an up and coming designer to the stars. Her career has kept her so busy that she’s had no time for dating. Until she collides with billionaire businessman Luca Van De Berg on the streets of Manhattan. Will Luca be Poppy’s first love and object of her pure desire?

Amber Wood – Ocean Heat
Medical student Sarah Adams spent her entire life pleasing others, but when she stumbles on her fiancĂ© cheating with her best friend, she decides to leave it all behind and fly to Thailand. Dejected and heartbroken. However, a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger changes everything. Will she find true love on the beach of Pattaya, or will Jake Saber’s true identity tear everything apart?

C.C. Cartwright – My Mr. London
Julia Robbins is ready to find an adventure moving to London. One night, she finds herself in London's hottest nightclub, staring at sinfully sexy Richie Stone, lead-singer for Belgravia Underground. Richie is as deliciously sweet as he is sexy and incredibly hard to resist. Can Julia overcome her doubts about love and embrace all that Richie has to offer or is taking a ch

Friday, October 16, 2015

Jemma: Entertainment with Jem, Book 1

Book 1 in the Entertainment with Jem series is now available!

Read the description below, then grab it while it's only $0.99 on Amazon!
Jemma Larson knows tough times. She's been raising her baby brother ever since her parents perished in a car crash. As the owner of the popular blog, Entertainment with Jem, she has been using the income from her blog to keep them both fed and a roof over their heads. Now her blog's income is declining amidst vicious competition. Jemma needs to do something desperate to be able to feed and take care of herself and her little brother before Social Services comes calling again. Her greatest fear- having her beloved little brother taken from her. Jemma will do anything to prevent that. Even if it means going out on a limb with her blog.

Reading about new reality TV show heartthrob, Daniel Starke, an opportunity presents itself to get an exclusive interview with him. She knows this will boost her blog's readership and income. But everything she's read in the press about Daniel has him painted as a womanizing, self-centered jerk. Pushed to pay her bills, she agrees to the interview.

At their meeting, she realizes that Daniel is nothing like she expected- and sparks fly! Normally shy Jemma is now thrust into the spotlight. But nothing in the entertainment world as it seems, as Jemma is about to find out.

* This book contains some adult situations. 18+, mature audiences recommended.