Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Playgirls, Book 3 in the series

The Playgirls 3 is now available. This is the 3rd and final episode in The Playgirls series.

The Playgirls, book 3 in the series

The Playgirls are in the big leagues now with serious careers and serious relationships.

Katherine shocks herself with an unexpected desire for motherhood, but long-faithful Ken wants no part of it. Who will bend in order to be with the one they love?

Alyssa can’t see past the end of her laptop to notice the hot hunk working five feet away in her home office. How long before their relationship erupts?

Will Chelsea’s needs for random sexual encounters tear apart the only authentic relationship she’s ever known? Despite her best efforts, her body just won’t quit longing for one more fling!

All games come to an end. Will the girls be happy with what they’ve won?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Playgirls, Book 2

Just released! The Playgirls, Book 2 in The Playgirls series. Click the image to see it on Amazon.

The Playgirls 2, new adult romance

The Playgirls (Book 2 in The Playgirls series)

The game is now harder for the playgirls. Just getting their foot in the door is proving to be more than challenging. Moving from place to place, unable to pay the bills, and, of course- boy troubles. The girls now forced into post-college life, face a rude awakening.

Chelsea gets lucky and lands a lowly job in the customer service department of a prestigious company. Even before her first day, a handsome man runs into her, and knocks her flat off her four-inch heels. Chelsea has never felt an attraction like this before. Is there more to this tingly romance or is Antonio just another catch in her games?

Perfectionist Alyssa settles for a minimum-wage job at Chuck’s Burgers after failing to find any positions elsewhere. Things get complicated with her boyfriend when Alyssa teases and tangos with her new boss. Before too long, Alyssa finds her game has gotten much more complicated than she anticipated. Has she gone too far this time?

Katherine's budding actress career almost putters out before it even begins. Distracted by longing for her love, Ken, she stumbles reluctantly into community theater and ghostwriting commercials. Now out of college, Katherine realizes she is a small fish in a huge pond and wonders if she will never attain the fame she so desperately seeks.

Playgirls Two takes the girls beyond wild college parties and into the real world. With powerful men and demanding careers, the playgirls must change their game to succeed. It won’t be easy, or fun. Will Chelsea, Katherine and Alyssa discover what being grown up is all about?