Thursday, March 24, 2016

#NewRelease! JEMMA 4: Entertainment with Jem, Book 4

Entertainment with Jem, Book 4

Ever since she met Daniel, Jemma’s life has been a hot mess! Whenever she and the reality show hottie are in the same room, the temperature soars to a blistering heat wave that drives Jemma and Daniel crazy for each other. Unfortunately, Jemma and Daniel’s relationship sparks jealousy with a capital J in an angry rival blogger as well as Daniel’s skanky ex, Lexi. Now, Jemma and Daniel are plastered all over the web, newspapers and television.

When Robbie goes missing, Jemma is terrified Child Protective Services will remove her brother from her custody and he’ll be lost in the system forever. Daniel arrives to help. Lexi, hot on his heels, takes advantage of the moment and attacks Jemma in a bid for major free publicity. Jemma gives as good as she gets—she’s had enough of Lexi… and Daniel. In a scene worthy of an Oscar, she tells both of them to, er, flake off! Robbie is her one and only priority.

Daniel can’t believe Jemma is truly kicking him out of her life. Desperate, he does what he should have done months ago--he ditches the reality show with Lexi, kicks his agent to the curb and gets a legit acting job as a television host on a fantastic cooking show. But how could he have known that once he left Lexi to her own devices, she’d commit the ultimate revenge against Jemma?

NOTE: This book contains some adult situations. 18+, mature audiences recommended.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

JEMMA 3: Entertainment with Jemm, Book 3 - FREE Preview

Entertainment with Jem, Book 3

Jem’s life is a full-on soap opera! The now famous blogger chick’s rollercoaster relationship with reality show hunk, Daniel, her constant fear of losing custody of her brother and the steamy attention of rock star hottie, Jasper, are all taking their toll. In a shocking about face, Daniel suggests they take a break until his current show is over. Jem sees it for what it is: the big break-up in a nice way. She saves face and takes the easy way out–she agrees–and hides her tears until she’s alone.

Jem is heartbroken, the pain of betrayal running deep in her heart. But staying away from Daniel becomes easier when Jasper, amps up his game, begging Jem to let him be her one and only. When pictures of Jem and Jasper sharing melting kisses are blazoned across the front pages of all the news rags, Daniel soon realizes there’s no one more attractive than the girl who gets away. Now, she’s got Jasper and Daniel hot on her stiletto heels and it’s all she can do to keep calm and flirt on!

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NOTE: This book contains some adult situations. 18+, mature audiences recommended.

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