Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lessons in Love series now available

Well I've been working on this series for about a year and decided to release all 3 books in the Lessons in Love series at once. I think most readers prefer that anyway so they can pick up all 3 books at once rather than waiting months at a time for each one to be released.

Lessons in Love (book 1) introduces us to high school cheerleader Alex Heron. She's pretty, blonde and popular. On the outside Alex seems to have it all, but she's hiding a dark secret from her past that threatens to destroy her future. Only the handsome new math teacher, Mark Simmons, can see past Alex's fa├žade to the real girl hiding inside. He wants to help Alex overcome her past, but will their developing feelings for each other get in the way?
Lessons in Love cover

In Letters of Love (book 2) Alex has graduated high school and been accepted to Princeton! But will college be the fulfillment of a dream like she always hoped it would be?

Leaving her first love behind, Alex travels away from her hometown of Woodsdale with a heavy heart. But will new love blossom as she makes new friends and joins a sorority and attends a wealth of college parties? As much fun as partying is, Alex must remain focused on her studies. She’s worked so hard to be there, she must make sure it’s worth it.

Princeton will test Alex. College will turn her from a young girl into a young woman. There will be hearts torn apart and flames burning anew, and always, there will be the letters from home, the letters of love, to help guide her back from the brink.
Letters of Love cover

In Living with Love (book 3), Alex has graduated from Princeton, and now it’s time for her to make her mark in the big wide world. With an exciting job opportunity in New York City, everything seems to be going well, but with the two great loves of her life, Oscar and Mark, still looming in the background it’s going to be far from smooth sailing.

Will Alex finally get the happy ending she so desperately deserves? Only time will tell as she navigates both the city and life back in Woodsdale in her ongoing search for her true self and true happiness.
Living with Love cover

Over the course of the series we see a weak, young girl coming to grips with a tragic loss and slowly blossoming into a strong, confident young woman capable of accomplishing anything she puts her mind to. She experiences love in many different forms, and the many roadblocks life throws at her along the way .

Enjoy reading along now and sharing Alex's journey with her as she struggles to find happiness and her true self, lost so long ago.