Monday, December 11, 2017

#NewRelease Managed A Rock Star Romance, Boxed Set

Some of you just LOVE boxed sets. Yeah, I get it, you want all the books in a series in one place, at your finger tips. I buy plenty of boxed sets too. :-)

After being asked way too many times when Managed will be out in a boxed set (I swear some of my fans are like little kids... "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" haha), I was finally able to book some time away from the family to put this together for you guys.

Now available: Managed: A Rock Star Romance (Boxed Set).
This set includes all 4 books in the Managed series.

Managed: A Rock Star Romance (Boxed Set) by Clarissa Carlyle

Jasper and the Weeds are one of the hottest bands in rock music! Jasper, the lead singer has made the band an instant success. At one of his concerts, a well-known socialite from a popular TV series requests to see him, privately. She sets her latest fantasy on being the one to grace Jasper’s bed. Jasper is powerless to resist her beauty and sex appeal.

Disaster strikes when she posts pictures of their intimate moments on social media. When his fans learn of the escapade, they quickly label him the bad boy of pop music.

Hailey Finch works for a public relations firm and has received the assignment to work with Jasper to restore his public image. She's convinced that Jasper made a bad decision, but that one act shouldn’t cost him his musical career. Will she be talented enough to help restore Jasper’s image and win back his fans? Or will she find that instead, she is at risk of losing her own heart?